Want properties at 30 to 50% off Market value? If you're a legit investor, meaning you have proven your ability to pay cash for investment properties, and can close in 7-14 days, we will match your specific criteria against our inventory, for FREE


My Name is Bob Saadai. 

My company Specializes In Finding Off-Market Investment Deals.

We All Win, Or Nobody Wins!

  • No Sales. EVER!
  • No Pressure. EVER!
  • You Choose The Option That Works Best For You!

ü  We do not work with unproven investors!!

ü  ​ We will not "send you what we got"

ü  ​ We will not waste your time

ü   We will not waste our time, either

ü We will learn your specific investment criteria

ü  ​We will setup marketing campaigns on your behalf

ü  We will pay for all the advertising

ü  ​ We will secure properties that meet your criteria

ü  ​ We will provide full research on the #s

ü  We will not send properties that do not meet criteria

ü  ​ We will spend 15 minutes to onboard you

ü  ​ We will increase your deal flow

ü  ​ We specialize in finding off-market properties

Do proven investors get access to more lucrative investment properties than the people who haven't proven their ability to perform? Arguably, the answer is definitely "yes." Lots of people talk about wanting to be real estate investors. But few, if we're being honest, have the actual confidence to pull the trigger. These are the people we work with because it's all about the numbers, not the emotions.

Need More Deal Flow?
Properties at 30 to 50% off Market Value

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Need More Deal Flow?

Properties at 30 to 50% off Market Value


You Can Email us at bob@socalpropertydeals.com

How do you find off-market properties?

The simple answer is - through online marketing. We have multiple sites just like this one, except targeted to people who need a cash offer to sell their house fast. The specifics aren't important, but through paid advertising and digital marketing (across different ad networks) is how we find and source off-market properties at 30 to 50% off market value.  

Am I obligated to buy the deals you send?

No, of course not. We understand that every investor mostly likely has a limited amount of time, funds, and resources. There will be times when you're at capacity. We understand this. It happens to us, too. So if a deal meets your specific criteria, but, for some reason you can't take down the property, just let us know, so we can adjust the future volume of the properties that we send to you. The Deal Flow we send you, to be real honest, will correlate with your ability to perform. 

What if properties don't meet my criteria?

Well, for starters, this is why we start the relationship with each new investor, with a 15-minute onboarding call so that we can learn your specific investment criteria. As mentioned, we don't blast deal specs out to a mass email list. We create, instead, a concierge type of experience. We believe one, two, or five great relationships is worth many times more than 100 crappy ones. So, in that initial onboarding call, we will learn your specific investment criteria so that we can know which properties to send you. If the first couple do not meet your criteria, then we will want to know why so that we can update your specific investment profile.

Is this really a FREE service?

Yes, we provide this service for free because 1) We create off-market properties opportunities for our own investment business. And 2) for those properties that we can't take down, due to having limited time, funds, or resources, or that don't meet our preferred investment criteria. Like you, we have specific criteria, too. Not every deals is perfect for us. But, that doesn't mean it's not a great investment opportunity. So, "these surplus of deals" are what we send to our investor relationships. As compensation, we typically collect an assignment fee to recoup our cost and effort to fin and secure the property.

Why should I work with SoCal Home Partners?

This is our favorite question, and the easiest. SoCal Home Partners was born to create win-win situations for us and area investors. Our belief: We all win or nobody wins. Relationships are most important to us. The local investor community is a small community. If you screw someone over, word gets out. Reputations are tarnished and ruined. As Warren Buffett has said, "Reputations may take decades to build but can be destroyed in seconds." For this reason, 'Impact & Purpose Above Profit' is our North Star. We're committed to impacting lives and our community. If that's not you, then maybe you shouldn't.

How does the process work?

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. The first step is to tell us that you want to increase your Deal Flow. And you do this be reaching out to us using the form on this page. Step 2, at your convenience, we'll schedule a time to learn about your specific investment criteria. And last, once we've got your specifications, we will screen against our current inventory and customize our market campaigns to find your specific kind of investment deals. Once a property has been secured that meets your investment criteria, you'll be sent a research package with the numbers. From there, you'll confirm that the deal works and we'll move forward. 

Can I ask you questions about marketing?

Sure, but we bill at $200/hour with a 1-hour minimum. We are not a marketing education company. The service provided to proven investors, to increase their deal flow, is provided for free, because after finding and securing the property, if that property meets your criteria and you want to move forward, we assign our interest in the property over to you. This is how we get paid. From the profit-potential of the deal, we earn an assignment fee. Like I said, we all win or nobody wins. Our marketing process is proprietary to us. We don't share it. But we will answer marketing questions about your business.

Need More Deal Flow?

Properties at 30 to 50% off Market Value

The Bottom-line:

Want properties at 30 to 50% off Market value? If you're a legit investor, meaning you have proven your ability to pay cash for investment properties, and can close in 7-14 days, we will match your specific criteria against our inventory, for FREE

Increase Your Deal Flow!

>> Fill in the information in this form.

>> We will then set up an appointment to look at the house, and make you an offer.

>> You pick a closing date where you will receive your cash, without the headaches of waiting 2, 3, or 6 months or more.



ü We never over-Inflate the numbers. We provide a detailed research package to accompany every off-market property, so our investors can quickly see that the numbers work...

ü  We all know the Foundation of making money "as a real estate investor" is access to more deal flow - this is access to that!

No Risk, No Obligation, Completely Hassle Free!





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Socal Home Partners is a company that purchases, rehabs, and then sells houses at a profit. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and repairs needed. Socal Home Partners, will do everything possible to bring forth the highest possible offer to give the seller the most benefit from dealing with a fast sale.

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